Crystal Healer and Reader Certification Class

Crystals are incredible tools for energy healing and transformation. They carry a high frequency that amplifies and accelerates the energy and increases the intention. This is a live online class but it is recorded and sent to all participants so that you can retake it as many times as you want from your computer, phone or tablet.

In this class of Crystal Healer and Reader you will learn about the attributes of crystals and how to energize and harmonize your life including:

  • Crystals that help with specific situations in life, such as career changes, health, abundance, relationships.
  • How to select the crystals that can increase your spiritual practice and your intuitive knowledge.
  • How to do a reading using crystals.
  • Discover the celestial crystals to support your angelic connection.
  • How to build a grid or grid of crystals.
  • Connect and explore the beauty, power and utility of crystals!.


Online: Three days (three meetings of 120 mins each).

Course Includes: Two Handouts, three recordings of the classes and Certificate. To register or receive more information, fill out the form in the Contact area.