Japanese Reiki Classes

  • LEVEL I (Shoden): This level is the first door to the living energy of Reiki. It gives you the opportunity through the initiation of Master Debora Ramos to tune and harmonize your physical body, to experiment and practice Reiki self-treatment. Each participant will have a new outlook on life, much more humane, harmonious and Inner Peace.

  • LEVEL II (Okuden): A training course where you can apply and share Reiki to our neighbor. The participant will be initiated into the ancient knowledge and traditional Japanese Reiki School (Gakkai), as well as in the management of sacred symbols that resonate in the physical, emotional, mental, astral and spiritual. On the other hand, initiated in Reiki will have the ability to send healing energy of Reiki from a distance.

  • LEVEL III (Shinpiden): At level III you will have the Master Symbol attunement and you will learn the latest techniques in energy management. Internalize a greater commitment towards the use of Reiki as a tool to achieve greater degree of spiritual elevation (SATORI), and additionally, you will understand that this tool is to serve others as it was left as a legacy from Sensei Mikao Usui.

  • MASTER (GOKUKAIDEN): It is the level where you will learn the depth of the techniques, initiations and implications for healing the karma with the application of the Reiki in the past lives of the human being. You will go deep in the knowledge, energies and secrets that reside in Mount Kuramayama. Reflexion about the ethics and commitment of being a Reiki Master heir to the legacy of Mikao Usui.

These Courses include: A manual of each level and Certificate.