Spiritual Restructuring Class

Spiritual Restructuring is a method designed specifically to work together the physical and spiritual aspects to provide holistic healing. This system, created by Robert Detzler, is used to adjust the physical body and the energetic bodies by accessing genetic programming by connecting with the Conscious Mind, cellular programming and the wisdom of the body itself.

This is a workshop taught in six days of work, which develops the following topics:

  • General introduction about the body and its systems.
  • Nutritional Guide.
  • Daily meditations to achieve a deep connection with the High Self, opening and activating the way of life, clearing of past traumatic events, connection with the inner child and more.

Body Alignment, which consists of a variety of adjustments described below:

  • Adjustment of the back: coccyx, sacrum, lumbar, dorsal, cervical, shoulders, ribs, atlas, sacral skull, hip, etc.
  • Front adjustment: sternum, ribs, stomach valves, pubic bone, work with joints, adjustments for the eyes, cardiovascular system, nervous system, etc.
  • Energy treatment for organs, glands and different body systems. It is required to have previous training in Spiritual Response Therapy, having completed at least the SRT Basic class.

Includes: Six days of theory and practice, material and certificate endorsed by the Spiritual Response Association.

Pre requisite: SRT Basic Class