In a Mediumship session you can recieve messages from our angels, ascended masters, sipirtual guides, family and friends who have transcended. The medium acts an intermediary between the spirit world and the earthly world to achieve communication between them.


Deceased Persons: If you have lost a loved one and need to contact that person to close your grief from love and not from the pain this session is for you. Under the wings of our beloved angels, Debora work as a bridge of communication between loved ones who are in the spiritual realm and you so you can heal your grief and resolve unfinished business with them. Readings in person, by phone or by email.

Angelic Mediumship: You can recieve detailed information about aspects of your life from your angels and archangels by a question and answer session. Readings in person, by phone, videoconference or by email.

Courses: Debora offers a theoretical and practical course to learn to communicate with family and friends who have died. Learn how to do readings for yourself and for other people in a safe manner. For more information see link "Courses".